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The INTEL Prompt 48 Deveopment System

Prompt 48 is one of the first so called machine language develpment tool for the INTEL MCS-48 family. Designed in early 76, the tool is usable for learning 8048 programming, and in writing, debugging, and testing highly soficasted microcomputer based applications. In addition it can be used as a microcomputer peripheral development system in some extend.:-)

Prompt 48 Front View

  • 27-key front panel for data/control inputs

  • 7-segment LED, eight character display

  • EPROM  programming socket

  • Microcomputer execution socket

  • I/O Port and BUS connector

  • Customized switch (programming voltage)

Prompt 48 Detailed Keypad View
The panel provide the means for the user to communicatewith the Prompt 48. The picture shows a detailed view ofthe panel. Commands and data are entered through the keyson the panel and the Prompt 48 system status and the datasare displayed through the 7-segment LEDs.


Main Key Features
1 k Byte writable program memory, 256 Byte of external data memory, BUS and Port expansion capability (additional memory and peripheral access), 4 k Byte monitor firmware (real-time execution, break, single-step, modify memory/register)

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