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The INTERSIL CONCEPT-48 8048 Tutorial Unit Development Tool

Designed in early 80 the CONCEPT-48 is a versatile single-board system designed to execute and debug software written for the 8048 microcomputer family.
The CONCEPT-48 is available in two configurations. THe 6941 CONCEPT-48 primarily for learning use. The battery operation and notebook size make it ideal for classroom use. The 6942 CONCEPT-48 unit includes a serial interfcae and expanded program memory (2KB), and expanded data memory (256B). and is intendend primarily for use as a limited product development tool.

CONCEPT-48 Keypad Description
The keypad monitor firmware of the CONCEPT-48 resides in a ROM and operates the keypad, display and peripheral functions of the system. The keypad consists of two portions. The hexadecimal numbers 0-9, A-F, and function keys.  The 12-key function portion is labeled with a single-function. Keys take effect on the upstroke or release, except MON, BOOT, U0, T0, T1and CANCEL which are all actuated during the key press.

The use of these keys is facilitated somewhat by prompts from the LCD. The display is a seven segment, eight character type and is driven by two ICM7211 devices. The leftmost position on the display has been provided a custom set of characters.

Main Key Features
Compact Single Board design that fits into a 3-ring binder, operated by standard 9 volt battery or calculator type wall-mounted power supply, tactile feedback keypad, 7 charackter LCD, 44-pin edge connector for system expansion, 3 MHz execution of user program, optional I/O expansion with 82C43, 2K ROM-base monitor and 64byte of internal data memory. The monitor includes LOAD, RUN, Debug, Modify, and Save commands. Single-Step operation, 8 breakpoints, user selectable keys.

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