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The IMSAI 8048 Home Computer
IMSAI Manufacturing Corporation [San Leandro, CA, USA], dated August 1977,  developed the world's first single-board implementation of the Intel 8048. The 8048 Control Computer was suitable to use with model railroads, household light systems, energy conservation, and other embedded control  applications.

Board features:

  • Cassette Interface / Papet tape

  • Serial I/O [RS232]

  • 5 Relays, able to handle 3 Amps at 110V

  • 1 K Byte [optional 1 KByte] user programmable memory

  • DC power supply

  • 9 digit 7-segment display

  • System features und functions:

  • 2KByte Monitor [ROM on-chip, or EPROM on-chip or  off-chip]

  • Enter programs into memory
  • Enter data into both internal and external memory
  • Execute user program
  • Execute user program with software breakpoints
  • Save and receive programs from serial port or tape
  • Register modifications¬†
  • self-diagnostic functions

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